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Wooden toys Kender Magic for the full development of the child

Despite its centuries-old history, wooden toys do not lose their relevance today. Living natural materials are in trend today, and wooden toys, souvenirs for children and adults are becoming more and more in demand every year.


Educational toys made of wood

It is important for all parents that the objects surrounding the child are of high quality and harmless, because children spend most of their time with their favorite toys, play, learn the world, and study. Products from natural raw materials in combination with new processing technologies, interesting design solutions meet all these requirements.


Wooden baby accessories are not only interesting, but also useful for toddlers. They contribute to the development of imaginative and logical thinking, attention, imagination, and most importantly, they are as safe as possible.


Wooden toys facilitate the tactile study of objects. They have a pleasant texture, they quickly take over the temperature of human hands. Therefore, fun made of wood can be used from the first days of a child’s life. Wooden toys for development are perfect for babies.


We offer didactic toys for children of all ages.


The Kender toy will teach your kid to concentrate and develop patience and perseverance. The kid can learn colors, sizes and shapes in a fun and easy way. Such items contribute to the development of fine motor skills and spatial thinking.


The colorful design of the toy will attract the attention of the child for a long time.


For the development of mental abilities and logic in older children, it is worth buying wooden puzzles. This fun will appeal not only to a child, but also to adults. The whole family can add interesting complex combinations.


Benefits of Kender Magic wooden toys

The main advantage of wood products is their environmental friendliness and safety.


Also, wooden toys:

• strong and durable;

• ergonomic and aesthetic;

• have a pleasant smell, which has a positive effect on the children’s nervous system;

• do not cause allergies.


In the manufacture of products, high-quality natural wood and natural dyes are used without toxic ingredients. Each item is carefully sanded and has an even, smooth surface to avoid injury. Because toys are made of wood, contact with water is not recommended, in order to avoid damage to the product.


The site contains handmade goods, because each item carries the energy and a piece of the soul of the master.


We offer to buy wooden educational toys for children from the manufacturer “Kender” at affordable prices in the city of Moscow and St. Petersburg in bulk or by the piece.


Our toys are real, they are part of Russian culture and therefore contribute not only to the physical, mental, but also the spiritual development of the child.